Dienstags in der Linie206: Filmabend "69 - ungeren indefra"


Filmabend / movie night

Wir zeigen den Film "69 - ungeren indefra" von 2008. Der Film zeigt die sechs Monate vor der Räumung des Umdongshuset in Kopenhagen von 2006. Der Film ist dänischer Sprache mit englischen Untertiteln

We screen the movie „69 – ungeren idenfra“ (2008)
Danish language with english subtitles

„On March 1, 2006, the Youth House on Jagtvej 69 was cleared by the police. Subsequently violent riots broke out in the streets of Copenhagen. With an unparalleled access, the film follows the struggle of the young for the past six months, from the inside. Through the protagonist Mads we get a unique insight into what made Jagtvej 69 something very special for a large group of young people, and why it could go so wrong in the end. It is a film about youth, rebellion and radicalisation. And about a city that might leave less and less room for the crooked and the uninitiated.“

Dazu gibts natürlich Getränke und leckere Crepes. Kommt getestet 2G+





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