LWMA Reading Group #7 -The Organic Emergence of Property from Reputation


LWMA Reading Group #7 -The Organic Emergence of Property from Reputation [Online!]

Can property be something flexible and negotiated between equals, or is any claim of property doomed to repeat the problems of capitalism? Let's read William Gillis' piece about social norms and property. We'll discuss the piece together, so please read it before!


We're meeting at 1pm Berlin time. we're still meeting on zoom, so please email for the link to join: lwmaberlin (at) protonmail.com We also have a telegram group which you are welcome to join, link in email.


About the left-wing market anarchist reading group
LWMAs reject capitalism and embrace markets and some forms of property. This may sound counterintuitive as capitalism is understood as a market ideology and our neoliberal era is seen as an expansion of free markets. Market anarchists reject this notion and cite things like borders and police, intellectual property, restrictions on land use and credit as the primary conditions that sustain capitalism. For example a "free" market that violently extends patent restrictions on the production of medicine and food is obviously not free at all!

As leftists we identify and strongly condemn the state's 'subsidy of history' to big business, the last several hundred years of capitalist violence and robbery that was necessary to compel people into wage labor to begin with. As anarchists we obviously reject all the common "isms" in racism, sexism and transphobia, ableism etc, as well as the state communist regimes who preserved privilege and hierarchy under a different colored flag. We see freedom as a meaningful goal for it's own sake.

Finally despite our emphasis on markets as a form of coordination, we make no apologies for the existing capitalist system. Wage labor, rent and usury are not things we want nor expect to see in a world freed from capitalism!


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