Invasion Day of so-called-australia 2020 - solidarity event


An annual, international event of solidarity against the continued colonial project in so-called-australia organised via Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance (WAR), a First Nations lead and run group based in
January 26th 2020 marks 232 years since British military forces invaded the continent, claiming it as their property (based on the lie of Terra Nullius - ('land belonging to no one'). While the illegal, stinking, colonial-capitalist-patriarchal regime continues to hold a day of celebration, we resist the ongoing silent war against 'Aboriginal',People, & the destruction of the Land of which they are the custodians.
The year 2020 also marks 250 years since the very first encounter between the invaders (the British) and First Nations People (the 'Aboriginal' People) of so-called-australia; a relationship that began with gun shots being fired at the Original inhabitants of the Land on 29th April 1770. Not much has changed since this time. This year, with the continent being consumed by wild fires, the water systems dying, water being stolen by mining companies & other corporations (and also being sold off to foreign countries), over one billion animals dead and counting, surrounding ocean waters heating, and the current illegal government planning further projects of extraction SUCH AS the Adani mine .. we invite others also struggling against
colonisation, against capitalism, and those striving for climate justice to join in the conversation together - We are not alone in our fights against these systems of oppression, greed and destruction!
We will be sitting in at the Brandenburger Tor from 12h. A meeting place, a melting pot for ideas, sharing of proper histories, learning more of our similar struggles, together in solidarity with the nation wide Invasion Day events occurring on the continent known as 'australia'on the same date.
Don't celebrate terrorism, genocide, illegal occupation, cultural & environmental destruction. Lest we forget 250 years of resistance 1770 - 2020. No consent! No jurisdiction! Abolish Australia Day!
All they seem'd to want was for us to be gone'. - James Cook (journal entry) April 30th 1770. ... Solidarity is a weapon ...
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Pariser Platz (Brandenburger Tor)
Pariser Platz (Brandenburger Tor)