screening & diskussion: Antifascism, kurdish movement and repression between Italy and Germay


Discussion: Before the screening we will have a quick discussion with Davide Grasso and Lukas Theune. Davide, among the protagonists of the docu, is an ex YPG fighter, one of the five internationalists persecuted, once back in Italy from Rojava for being „socially dangerous“. Lukas is a lawyer who deals a lot with State repression. Together with them we will discuss about antifascism, kurdish movement and repression between Italy and Germany.

Screening: Docufilm "Soggetti Pericolosi" - Dangerous Subjects. With english subtitles, by Stefania Pusateri. The docu "Soggetti pericolosi" is about five internationalists who went to Rojava in order to support the revolutionary project of the Democratic Condederalism. Back in Italy, they have been accused of basing "socially dangerous" and persecuted. Today, one of them is still under special surveillance.

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