TIN-Bar Comeback


TIN-Bar Comeback:
TIN-Bar is a community event for trans, inter, non-binary people and others who don't define themselves as cis-gender, as well as ipso-gendered people.This March we will be having our first edition of the TIN-Bar after a long break! It will have the classic Tin-Bar features, queer-playlists, free-shop, coziness and refreshments :).
The money collected via the bar or by donations will always be collected to be redistributed into the community.
This month the money will go to “La Bassa Mar”, a collective space and retreat Projekt. More Infos:
Collective space and retreat project La Bassa Mar, organized by La Bassa Mar Asociación Paolo Valentino Sanzani

About the TIN-Bar:
We wanna open a space to meet, exchange, connect, to discuss and listen, to network, to hang around, to build up support structures etc. Every month there is a changing program of concerts, poetry evenings, films, swap-nights, open stage or other kind of input. From April on, the TIN-Bar will take place regulary every 2nd Wednesday of the month.
Corona concept: Indoor spaces are accessible with FFP2 masks only. We also encourage you to do a self-test the day of the event. If you have Covid-19-symptoms please stay at home. Ventilation: The room has no windows or airfilter, but there is also a small outdoor space with firebin to hang out.
The meetings are free of charge. The place is not far away from public transport (800 m distance from S-Bahn). The bar is at ground level, the toilets are not yet wheelchair accessible. There is one step to reach the outdoor toilets and no grab handles yet. We are working on this topic and hope that we can offer a wheelchair accessible toilet this summer. The event will be smoke- and hardalc-free. Alcohol is served from 9am on at the bar. There’s no flashlight stroboscope but music and different lights in the mainroom. We have a separate small calm room with less stimuli. Dogs are living on the trailer park. So please don't bring your dog. There is no awareness team yet. People on the bar are always available in german and English.
We strive to make TIN-Bar a safer space, but please be aware that right now we are only 3 people with limited capacities, organizing in our free time.
We wanna encourage that we all help out in making TIN-Bar a place that's comfortable to go to on your own, to meet and connect with new people and places. Feel free to come and hangout and talk to the TIN-Bar organizing-crew, check out our zine collection or write to tin-bar@riseup.net if u wanna take a bar-shift, help out with setting up, or just need more information.


Gürtelstr. 26
10245 Berlin