No Tears For The Creature Of The Night - Concert

Punk / Hardcore / Crust

BITE MARX/ USA. First time in Berlin!!!

Genuine, neurotic, verbose, aphoristic, and lurid, electro/ synth/ postpunk from Los Angeles


Formed in Berlin in 2020, the new band LOBSTERBOMB emerged from lockdown with a string of energetic, raw and danceable singles in 2021. Their debut EP ‘GO! Go! Go!’ is out now. .
The band approaches themes of personal introspection, desire for systemic change and individual growth through a lens of frenetic, loud and catchy indie-garage rock.


Fessa is a feminist, DIY solo project, born in Berlin during the lockdown of 2021.
Hidden behind bass loop reminiscent of the 80s, pop sounds and fuzzy guitars are messages of self-love, fights against patriarchy, assertion of rights, anxieties and mental disorders


Schicksaal - Tommyhaus
Wilhelmstrasse 9
10963 Berlin